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October 4, 2012

Published by Lisa Jennings

Behind the Mask

"A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween.”
- Erma Bombeck

Don’t mask your enthusiasm this Halloween!  Instead, scare up some fun for...

...Your Customers

Advertise that you’re unmasking some great deals in the lead up to Halloween.  Hang Halloween masks on the wall and when someone checks out, have them select a mask.  Hidden behind the mask is a sticker revealing how much of a discount that patron has won off their purchase.

...Your Employees

Purchase plain masks and invite your employees to reveal their true selves by creating a mask that illustrates their passion.  For instance, someone who is passionate about fly-fishing may attach flies to their mask or color it in with trout markings.   Turn this into an event where participants all work on their masks at the same time and can access supplies such as markers, feathers, stickers, stencils, etc. to decorate them.  Invite clients in to select their favorite mask and award a prize to the winner.  Or, ask employees to decorate the masks at home and drop them off to one contact who numbers each entry and hangs them on a wall.  Employees must then guess who they think decorated each mask.  Award a prize to the employee who guesses the most correctly.

...Your Friends & Family

No wondering what Halloween costume you’ll wear this year.  Instead, hold a masked ball for friends and family!  Host activities such as a “Celebrities Unmasked” competition, where you cut out and post pictures of celebrities, block out their faces with a black bar and award a prize to the guest who identifies the most correctly.  Or, a “Candies Unmasked” competition where you ask guests to guess the candy hinted at in the picture.  A picture of Mars is an obvious one, but that laughing cowboy?  That’s a Jolly Rancher!  At the end of the party, ask guests to vote for their favorite mask and award a prize to the person who got the most votes. 

This Halloween, don’t trick yourself into believing you’ll have the time to arrange your own Halloween hunt.  Treat yourself to a fun and easy experience by hosting one of the three do-it-yourself Halloween Hunts sold on our sister company’s website!

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