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November 27, 2012

Published by Lisa Jennings

Give & Let Give

"It’s better to give than receive - especially advice.
- Mark Twain

Tis the season for giving!  And, who better to give to than those who really need it?  While you’re giving back, you can also warm the hearts of...

...Your Customers

Put up a Christmas tree in your establishment and decorate it with ornaments made out of folded slips of wrapping paper that are sealed shut.  In exchange for a charitable donation, a customer can take a piece of paper off the tree.  The message printed inside the slips reads, “Thanks for your donation.”  Some slips are also printed with a discount off the customer’s next purchase.

...Your Employees

Host a Reindeer Games team building activity for your employees.  Teams compete in relays such as:
• Jingle All The Way - Teams line up single file facing forward.  The first person in line passes one jingle bell at a time through their legs to the next person who passes it over their head to the next person who passes it through their legs to the next person.  Jingle bells are passed over-under down the line to the last person who places them in a container.  The team that has the most jingle bells in their container when time is called wins.
• Stocking Stuffer - Teams line up single file facing forward behind a container of candy on the ground.  One teammate stands a short distance away holding a Christmas stocking open.  On go, the first teammate in line tosses one piece of candy towards their teammate who tries to catch it using the stocking, not their hands.  The person then goes to the end of the line, so the next teammate can toss a piece of candy.  The team catching the most candy wins.
• It’s A Wrap - Each teammate gets a spool of ribbon.  On go, they race to unspool the ribbon.  The first team to unwrap it wins.  Then, on go, teams race to re-spool the ribbon.  The first team to do so wins.
Each time a team wins a game, award them cash that will be donated to the charity of their choice.  Deliver all cash to the selected charities in the winning teammate’s names after the event.

...Your Friends & Family

Before your holiday party, have all of your guests draw a name for gift giving.  The twist is, the names in the drawing aren’t guest’s names.  They are names of residents of a local nursing home.  Provide each guest with an idea of the types of things that resident may like, then ask guests to shop for gifts that are suitable for that person that will also fit in a Christmas stocking.   At the party, set up an area where guests can decorate Christmas stockings providing glitter, jingle bells and other holiday craft store items.  Also, ask guests to write a holiday message to their resident to tuck inside their stocking.  As an added bonus, ask guests to vote for the best-decorated stocking and award a gift to the person who gets the most votes.  Then, deliver the stockings to the nursing home after the event!

If you’d like to make giving more fun this Christmas, consider having your friends and family search for their gifts with one of the holiday hunts found at our sister company’s website.  Oh what fun it is and at prices ranging from $17-$47, you’ll be laughing all the way!

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