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June 28, 2013

Published by Lisa Jennings

Ideas to Relish

“A hot dog at the game beats roast beef at The Ritz.”
- Humphrey Bogart

July is National Hot Dog Month, time to sink your teeth into these tasty ideas for...

...Your Customers

Send your customers a packet of ketchup and invite them to “ketch-up” at a customer appreciation weenie roast you are hosting in their honor.

...Your Employees

In honor of National Hot Dog Month announce a contest that will determine which employee on your team is the “hot dog” that month.  Each time an employee meets a goal on the list - such as making a sale or getting a positive guest comment - they get a hot dog sticker placed by their name.  Announce the winning employee at a company cookout where, of course, hot dogs are on the menu.  Award a “roll” of cash to the winner!

...Your Friends & Family

Invite friends and family to a backyard barbecue and serve up these games that really cut the mustard:

• Line teammates up side by side.  Place a platter of hot dogs in buns next to the first person in line.  Give each person sheets of aluminum foil.  On go, the first person reaches for a hot dog, wraps it in aluminum and passes it to the next person, who wraps it in a sheet of aluminum foil, who passes it to the next person, etc.  Play continues until all teammates have wrapped each hot dog once.

• Place yellow, red and green fabric paint into mustard, ketchup and relish bottles.  Give each team a plain white T-shirt and have them decorate the shirts with a team design that defines them as the “top dogs.”  The team with the most creative design, as judged by other players or by the host, wins points.

• Give each team strands of uncooked spaghetti and a bowl of sliced hot dogs or cocktail weenies.  On go, teams have one minute to see how many slices or weenies they can string onto a stand of spaghetti without it breaking.  The team stringing the most wins.

• Give teams individual packets of ketchup, relish and mustard.  Set up one red, one green and one yellow cup a distance away from them on a table.  On go, one teammate at a time flips one condiment packet towards the cups.  The goal is to get the ketchup packets into the red cup, the relish packets into the green cup and the mustard packets into the yellow cup.  The team getting the most in the correct cup wins.

• Buy hot dog cinnamon chewing gum.  Give each person on the team a stick.  On go, teammates unwrap the gum, chew it and try to blow a bubble.  When a teammate blows a bubble, they sit down.  The first team to have all teammates blow a bubble wins!

Award a prize, such as a grill set, to the teammates scoring the most points.

Want a red-hot activity that people won’t think is a dog?  Consider our new Animal Scavenger Hunt sold on our sister company’s website for only $47.

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