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Product Description

The Corporate Photo Scavenger Hunt is designed to be used as a teambuilding event for a corporate group or organization. Our professionally designed hunt incorporates strategy, photos, writing activities and other fun assignments that allow your teams to show off their skills!

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Photo Scavenger Hunt Premise

The Corporate Photo Scavenger Hunt is played in teams. Teams need to create a magazine in the event location. Any event location will do, or you could even visit a series of event locations like in a road rally. Throughout the course of the photo scavenger hunt teams must:

  1. Take photographs to fit different stories in the magazine. For instance, teams may have to pose for “Before” and “After” makeover photographs for the Fashion section of the magazine.
  2. Complete creative assignments for features in the magazine, such as creating cover art for the magazine, or writing a song for the Entertainment section of the magazine that they must perform for the entire group at the end of the photo scavenger hunt.
  3. Find the solutions to the puzzles that are featured in the Games section of the magazine.
  4. Find a list of items that a celebrity has demanded before agreeing to being interviewed for the magazine. The celebrity is a bit eccentric and is looking for the most unique items a team can come up with. For instance, one of the items listed simply says, “shell.” Will teams bring back a peanut shell, a seashell, or a Shell credit card? The more unique the item, the better the points.

You can select which challenges you want to include from the multitude supplied in this do-it-yourself event package. Don’t want to include the puzzles? You don’t have to! Only want to include half of the photos? That’s fine! Teams get points for completing assignments and for the level of creativity they display on each. The team with the most points wins!

What’s Included in the Photo Scavenger Hunt

  • How-To Instructions – A step-by-step walk through of what you need to do to implement the photo scavenger hunt, including how to:
    • Prepare for the event
    • Run the event
    • Reveal the winning team
  • Supply List*
  • Printouts – Photo scavenger hunt materials are professionally designed – no cheesy clip art! The photo scavenger hunt materials are typeset on a slick-looking background. But, don’t worry about not being able to use the materials – they all come in an easy-to-use PDF document. All you have to do is hit “print.” Some of the printouts also come as Word documents so you can customize the event if you choose to including:
    • Rulebook & Assignments
    • Stickers (label templates
    • Score Sheets
  • PowerPoint template for final presentation
  • 17 photo assignments, 3 puzzles, 10 scavenger hunt items, 5 creativity challenges

Length of Hunt

Our hunts are designed to be very flexible in the amount of time it takes to run the hunt. You can choose a specific time limit on this hunt since it is not necessary to complete all of the tasks. Two hours is recommended for this hunt.

Who the Photo Scavenger Hunt Is For:

  • Adults

Preparing for Your Hunt

Give yourself plenty of time to plan your hunt. Although we have tried to make this an easy process for you, the very nature of planning a custom hunt in your specific location will take some preparation. Read through your Directions document as soon as possible. This will explain anything that you need to purchase or prepare prior to your hunt.

How The Photo Scavenger Hunt is Delivered

If you choose the download, in the confirmation email there will be a link where you can click to download your purchased product.

Please note, downloads are available from the moment your order is complete and remain available within 30 days of placing your order. The download comes as PDF documents. Most computers come with a free Adobe Acrobat Reader, but if yours does not, you can download it for free at under Products & Services.

Alternatively, you can choose to have the mixer activity mailed to you on CD. Please note this incurs an additional $10 processing, shipping, and handling fee.

*The photo scavenger hunt does not include the equipment you need to run the event, such as digital cameras, SD memory cards and audiovisual equipment for the final presentation. You’ll receive a complete list of items you need to purchase, or rent to run this event. Most are standard office supplies and audiovisual equipment you may already have in your office or at your event.