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Product Description

Looking for an interactive activity to get your party guests mingling and having a great time? Looking for a fun way to distribute prizes or promotional items? Thinking about a casino night but don’t have the means or space to bring in gaming tables? Card Sharks can be a great solution for you! Don’t leave it up to the “luck of the draw” that your guests will have a good time at your party or event. When it comes to enjoying themselves, give them “a hand” by hosting these mixer activities, which center on famous card games.

This downloadable package comes complete with clear instructions on how to implement the activity and a professionally designed graphic handout to let your guests know how the game is played. This fun activity is sure to get your guests talking during AND after the party.

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Card Sharks Premise

Guests mix with other guests throughout the party or event as they attempt to earn poker chips through a series of challenges inspired by popular card games. In addition to the mixer activity a number of extra activities are suggested where guests can either earn more poker chips or “instant win” prizes.

Who the Card Sharks Activity Is For

  • Adults at a corporate event
  • Adults at a private party
  • Adults at a promotional event for a bar, restaurant, event, etc.

What makes this activity ideal for a holiday party?

  • It is a great way to get people to interact with each other and break out of their normal cliques.
  • It serves as a great ice breaker if many of your attendees don’t know each other.
  • It is an interesting way to distribute prizes, gifts, or promotional items
  • It is a fun activity that can help create “buzz” around a promotional event
  • It is a great add-on or alternative to casino night

How the Card Sharks Mixer Activity Is Delivered

If you choose the download, in the order confirmation page and confirmation email there will be a link where you can click to download your purchased product.

Please note, downloads are available from the moment your order is complete and remain available within 30 days of placing your order. The download comes as PDF documents. Most computers come with a free Adobe Acrobat Reader, but if yours does not, you can download it for free at under Products & Services.

Alternatively, you can choose to have the mixer activity mailed to you on CD. Please note this incurs an additional $10 processing, shipping, and handling fee.

What’s Included in the Card Sharks Activity

  • Directions – A step-by-step walk-through of what you need to do to implement the activity
  • Supply List – List of items needed for the activity
  • Professionally designed handouts for participants that are suitable for printing from any office computer or for professional printing

Note: You will need to provide poker chips, decks of cards, and a prize (or prizes) for this activity.